The sun, the moon, the truth.

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There’s a helicopter circling my neighborhood. I knew I shouldn’t have torrented the complete 2nd season of Wizards Of Waverly Place

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Emilia Clarke and Nathalie Emmanuel on the set of Game of Thrones season 5 in Osuna, Spain; October 20th 2014

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Sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are.

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Matt Smith out and about in London (18.10.14) (x)

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It’s taken me all these years to realize that the laws of time are mine, and they will obey me!

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Dylan O’brien + Tumblr

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3x05 / 3x11

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*sees dog while in the car*

*turns around in seat to watch dog until its out of sight* 

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everyone loves the marauders but if they were real people i guarantee they would be those cocky boys in school that think they are so cool when in reality they are just really annoying 

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